Powerful Storm and Hurricanes that happened in Georgia

Georgia is one of the worst states for natural disasters. Think hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, bushfires, and more! Here is a list of the deadliest hurricanes to have hit Georgia.

1) 2005 Hurricane Cindy tornado outbreak Hurricane Cindy passed through southeastern Georgia which started on July 6th, 2005. Cindy caused a tornado outbreak that spurred 44 other tornadoes. The hurricane resulted in three fatalities, with two occurring in Georgia.

2) 2008 Atlanta tornado outbreak The Atlanta tornado took place on March 14-15, 2008. It was a deadly storm that caused one fatality and injuries to 30 others. It also caused damage to many buildings in the downtown area including the CNN Center, Georgia Dome, the World Congress Center and the Philips Arena.

3) Hurricane Katrina tornado outbreak Perhaps the most devastating storm of our century, Hurricane Katrina, created 54 tornadoes. Georgia was hit the hardest by the tornado outbreak.

4) Hurricane Georges tornado outbreak This is a picture of the weather radar image of Hurricane Georges at landfall. This 6-day long tornado outbreak landed 10 tornadoes in Georgia; however, it turned out to be the most extensive tornado event in Florida history!

5) 1998 Gainesville–Stoneville tornado outbreak The 1998 Gainsville-Stoneville tornado wasn’t a hurricane, but it was a major storm! This tornado hit Gainsville, Georgia particularly hard on March 20, 1988. This F3 tornado killed at least 12 people.

6) Hurricane Agnes Here is a picture of Hurricane Agnes on June 19th, 1972 as it approached Florida. Hurricane Agnes caused a tornado outbreak of 26 twisters–two of those born in Georgia. At the time, this storm was the costliest hurricane to hit the U.S. It crossed over Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Florida and other states.

7) Hurricane Dennis This is flooding caused by Hurricane Dennis on Sweetwater Creek in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Hurricane Dennis was one of many hurricanes during the horrific hurricane season of 2005. Dennis caused 89 fatalities and over $2 billion in damages total.

8) Hurricane Bill as a Category 4 storm There have been quite a few major hurricanes named Bill, but the one I’m speaking of today is Hurricane Bill of 2009. Although this hurricane caused two deaths and almost $50 million in damages, it did not hit Georgia as hard as it did other states. It mainly affected the Georgia coastline, causing waves to swell up to 8 ft. Many people had to be rescued from the high turf, and flooding caused damages.

These major storms not only affected Georgia but many other states, and the Caribbean, as well. Some of you may actually remember when these storms occurred—or perhaps they hit your own town.

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